Now that Android 8.0 Oreo has been officially launched, Apple refused to stay behind. Though we still have few days before iOS 11 officially lands, there’s always room for an updated beta version of that one to arrive.
Apple rolls out iOS 11 beta 7: Check out it's new features

Apple is rolling out iOS 11 beta 7, bringing on few latest features to the mix that may likely end up in the official iOS 11 version sometime next month.
So, what’s new in this update. Suffice to say that it’s a rather incremental one with few novelties:
  • Volume slider now has a yellow “too loud” section in Control Center (EU only);
  • Smaller clock on the lock screen;
  • New Apple Music icon in the Now Playing section of Control Center;
  • 30-pin-to-Lightning adapter now working as intended;
  • Cellular data stats will reset each month;
  • iPad multitasking will show previews of the resized window panes;
  • Touch ID will be disabled while entering Emergency mode;
  • New podcasts will no longer get automatically downloaded if you haven’t listen to the old ones in a while;
  • Numerous bug fixes and other minor interface improvements.

To check if the latest beta is available for your device, simply head to Settings > General > Software update. This, certainly will only be available for your device if you have enrolled your device in the developer or the public beta.


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