A water-resistant BlackBerry phone will be launched this October, this may attract iPhone and Galaxy users

It has now been confirm that at least one of two upcoming
Blackberry phones in making would be made available soon.
A water-resistant BlackBerry phone will be launched this October, this may attract iPhone and Galaxy users

According to Engadget, the Blackberry Smartphone which is an
all-touch – keyboard-less will be released around October. The deivice will be
a dust- and water-resistant device (IP67-certified) which is the first for a
BlackBerry handset. 
The news emerges from François Mahieu, Global General
Manager at TCL – the company that’s now making BlackBerry-branded phones (in partnership
with BlackBerry Corporation itself, which is still in charge of the software aspect).
Blackberry wants users who want their devices running on
Android to benefit from its features in all weather conditions.
Though you might not be able to use it while swimming deep,
thanks to its IP67 certification, but certainly, you’ve got no glitches using
it under rain, or while at the pool.
Talking about the battery side, it comes with a generous
battery, which is said to last at least 26 hours. If that’s real, we’re definitely
talking about 2 days of normal usage on a single charge.
Remarkably, François Mahieu says that TCL thinks some iPhone
and Samsung Galaxy customers will switch to the new BlackBerry once this
feature becomes available, appreciations to its “durability and
longevity.” Will that really happen? Let’s wait and see.
For now, there are no other information about this imminent
BlackBerry smartphone, nonetheless it’s obvious that it’s going to be different
from the KeyOne, which was released earlier this year with a hardware QWERTY
keyboard in tow. To an extent, the upcoming device could be physically similar
to the BlackBerry DTEK 60 – the last all-touch BlackBerry smartphone, launched
since 2016 (pictured above).
No details yet whether this water-resistant device is the lately
mentioned BlackBerry BBD100-1. If it is the same phone, it could be a mid-range
phone with features powered by a Snapdragon 626 processor, a 1080p screen, and supported
with a 4 GB RAM.
Let us wait for the IFA 2017 – coming up from September 1 –
September 6 to know if TCL and BlackBerry might want to share new information
about their water-resistant phone.

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