This article is a summary of what TBC entails.
TheBillionCoin is a new cryptocurrency that was launched way back in March 21,
2016. Now they have a total members of over 600,000+ globally, and its
headquarters is located in Asia, Philippine to be specific.
A Complete Intro TheBillionCoin (TBC)

Basic Information You
Should Know About TheBillionCoin (TBC)
  1. The TBC coin was launched on March 21st, 2016 at the initial
    price of 10th of a cent in euro.
  2. The ultimate price = the total number of verified TBC
    Members X 1 Euro.
  3. The current price adjust once every 24 hours at midnight
    Fiji time (that’s 1pm Nigeria time) according to the TBC formula
  4. The path that the TBC formula follows is based on the
    average growth of the TBC community.
  5. The current price must go up daily from 1% to 5% until it
    reaches the ultimate price.
  6. The software driving this formula will stop counting
    verified members once they reached 1 billion members.  This means that the maximum value of each TBC
    coin (1TBC) is limited to 1 billion per coin.
  7. Once all the TBC coins are mined, there will be a total of
    one billion TBC coins. That’s where the name TBC came from: TBC is short for
  8. Holding TBC coins create wealth for all the members holding
    the TBC coins and vast fortunes for all the TBC stake holders and miners.
  9. Selling TBC coin (i.e. exchanging it for cash) is fast and
    easy: there is always a long list of buyers’ line up to purchase TBC coin from

Nothing To Lose But
Everything To Gain By Purchasing TBC Coin Today
  • At 1% the value of your money will double every 71 days
  • At 2% it doubles every 36 days
  • At 3% it doubles every 25 days

How Your Money Grows
  • At 4% it doubles every 19 days and
  • At 5% it doubles every 15 days

The Foundation of the crypto-currency called THEBILLIONCOIN
is the TBC Membership Agreement! The creators of THEBILLIONCOIN have worked
very hard to structure a crypto-currency that creates wealth for ALL of its
Users until it matures to the point where each TBC coin will be worth
One-Billion-Euros per TBC coin. Each of you has a vested interest in protecting
your TBC coins and the whole TBC community, especially the TBC Foundation!
How to be a complete
verified TBC member
  • Step 1. Go to and register as a TBC
    member.Go to your email you used to register and confirm it before you move to
    the second stage
  • Step 2. Create your tbc web wallet through this link; .Go to your email you used to register and confirm it before you
    move to the third stage
  • Step 3. Get your free GIFT 50,000 kringles by simply
    visiting here and register
  • Step 4. Go to your email you used to register and confirm it
    and you will get your 50,000 kringles bonus. Log in here to check your balance
  • Step 5. Buy enough TBC to your wallet to enable you become a
    tester (where you can exchange your TBC coins to real CASH)

To Buy your TBC (or Kringles), simply call this line +234
(0) 80602800945 or 8035672751. 


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