The Color Notebook is a drawing tablet made of paper

Are you a parent tired of seeing writings on your wall or surface of a precious in your home. Kids loves to scribble on any flat surfaces. Now, there is a device that you can use to share your child’s scribbles and drawings to the world.

Meet the Color Notebook, a coloring book that comes with eight pages for free-form art, two dot-grid pages for structured drawings, and two lined pages for handwriting. This notebook is infinitely reusable and comes with a mobile app that lets you save all your children’s artwork into the cloud or send it via email or text. Basically a drawing tablet for your kids, made of paper.
The writing surface of the Color Notebook promises to be amenable to markers, crayons and colored pencils alike. But it can be wiped completely clean in just seconds. You can also make use of dry-erase and washable Crayola markers. In the end, you’ll still get the same result – a spotless notebook.
To save your kid’s artistic magnum opus, simply open the Rocketbook app on your phone. The app accurately captures the artwork using its patent-pending image-capture technology, then it sends it to your contacts, DropBox, Google Drive or any other cloud storage service. At the bottom of each page, there are magic “buttons” that control the Rocketbook app’s cloud access. Just assign each button to a specific destination.
Then, when your child marks a button on a page and scans the page’s contents, that processed image is sent to the right person or place.
The Color Notebook has all the versatility and functionality of an iPad, with all the durability and kid-friendliness of a notepad. Plus, you would not want your kid drawing with crayons on your iPad.
Therefore, the Color Notebook is the way to go for kids with artistic tendencies.

It can be preordered from Kickstarter now for $20, with an estimated delivery date of November 2017.
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