Guess you will need to start saving for iPhone 8 , even if you are yet to know the exact launch date. iPhone 8 is said to be Apple’s most expensive smartphone ever.
Latest iPhone 8 leaked renders reported to be finalized design

A recent leak has yet again confirmed that the smartphone would shake your pocket a bit, even saying that the starting price will be between the $1,100 and $1,200. Now what could make one dish out such amount also comes with the handset, the entry-level model may come with 128GB of storage while there is an option 256GB version, more cash to get that.
Apart from the cash involved, this leak gives us a new set of renders of the iPhone 8. And these reportedly showcase the finalized hardware design for the device. They’re based on information from sources within Apple’s supply chain, turned into pictures by a case maker.
Latest iPhone 8 leaked renders reported to be finalized design
It sports a 5.8-inch OLED screen with bezels around 4mm on all sides, which makes the iPhone 8 less prone to accidental input from the palm in which it’s held than Samsung’s latest flagships.
According to the render of the bottom edge, 3.5mm headset jack has been confirmed absent from the smartphone, while the Lightning port lives on (may be for now). However, the iPhone 8’s charging cable may have USB-C at the other end. This could bring along fast charging for the first time in an Apple phone. The fast charging feature may be necessary due to the alleged battery improvement, compared to the iPhone 7 Plus, despite the physical small sizs of iPhone 8.
Latest iPhone 8 leaked renders reported to be finalized design
The stereo setup with a collaboration of the bottom speaker and an amplified earpiece will make an appearance in the new iPhone too. Speculation about an enlarged power button re-surfaced, which is where the Touch ID fingerprint sensor might be located, in case the under-display version doesn’t see the light of the day. How that will happen is still a mystery, however with the elongated power button Apple has a second Plan within easy reach.
Latest iPhone 8 leaked renders reported to be finalized design
How iOS 11 will accommodate the cutout at the top of the screen, where the selfie camera and various sensors are located is another mystery at the moment. According to the source of this leak, it said that the top left and top right parts of the UI will be used only to display connectivity and battery status, with notifications being displayed at the bottom in a “function area”.
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