Google releases the feed, a personalized stream of news on Android and iOS
Google has just released an interesting update to the main
Google app on iOS and Android platform, which brings an overhauled feed that
will show personalized news cards and information snippets of interest to the handler.

A more crude variant of the supposed “Google Feed”
debuted last year with weather, news, and sports info, but the new entrant is
turning the dial to 11 by introducing a way more personal feed that will only
cater to your interests. Powered by machine learning, it will shape itself
around you and your interests, filtering out the wheat from the chaff and only
providing you with relevant information at any time.
Google releases the feed, a personalized stream of news on Android and iOS
Google’s Feed will allow you to “follow” specific
search results of yours and indicate that you’re willing to add them as
interests of yours. Next time you open the Google app, you will be catered to
any news regarding said topic, provided there are any recent developings on the
matter. A new “Follow” button should be popping up for US users of
the Google app starting today, but other regions will be getting said feature
soon, too.  You will be subsequently
informed about any new features that;
“This feed is really about your interests … It’s not
really about what your friends are interested in,”
said Ben Gnomes,
Google’s VP of engineering. As you might have guessed, this sets it apart from
other news feeds (like Facebook’s one) that put the emphasis on your friends
and not yourself in particular.
Google releases the feed, a personalized stream of news on Android and iOS
The best part about the feed is that it wants to provide you
with different points of view regarding your subjects of interest. As we have
to take the good with the bad, so will the Google app provide you with the
points of view of different sources, which may often contradict with one
another. All the good, this will let you make up your own mind on the matter.
Aside from that, the feed makes it easy to dive deep and get
a broader range of information about just about any search you have shown
interest in. The rabbit hole is deep, but Google says the basic and most
essential info about any topic will remain pinned as a brief snippet card at
the very top of the feed.

The new Google Feed alongside the new Follow button are
rolling out now to Android and iOS devices in the US. They will be hitting
other countries in the coming days and weeks. At the moment, Google has no
plans of implementing ads in the new feed, but such a possibility shouldn’t be
ruled out.
Source Via Phonearena

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