Google Maps adds accessibility details for people using wheelchair

For most people who can walk with their legs, it’ s easier to cut corners or jump an obstacle to reach their various destinations. But, what about the challenged persons who use wheelchairs to get to wherever they are going?

Now, Google has introduced a fresh means to add accessibility details about places to Google Maps and Search. If you use or you know anyone making use of a wheelchair to move around, then Google Maps can reduce some hassle of moving around with this new feature. Google has make things much easier to locate accessible doorways, elevators, parking and seating lots to quicken your arrival to your destination.

Now, If you wish to share accessibility details about a particular place or places, follow the instructions below:

  • Launch Google Maps on your Android smartphone
  • Open the main menu
  • Then tap on Your Contributions.
  • Tap on Uncover Missing Information
  • Then sort by Accessibility to find places around you that are missing this kind of information.
  • You can start filling in the details.

Note: you can also sort by different categories in case you have other information to add as well. Google Maps accessibility details.

When you find out that a place you plan to visit has any of these accessibility features, just look for the place on Google Maps or Search:

  • Open the business listing
  • Tap on the two-line description
  • Then scroll down to the accessibility section.
  • From here, you can add your accessibility and other local knowledge.
  • Just tap on “Know what features this place has?”

Note: You can choose from various accessibility attributes, including wheelchair-accessible entrances, wheelchair-accessible elevators, wheelchair-accessible seating, and wheelchair-accessible parking.

Thus far, via this method, Google has been able to share accessibility details close to 7 million places around the globe. You can as well help by contributing your quota to the project, in order to the assist people to easily discover and explore places that best suit their discrete needs.

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