Ever mistakenly deleted some texts you were not supposed to while writing a note in Google Keep (all thanks to Gboard!), you’ll immediately appreciate the news of Google adding the undo&redo functionality to its Android version of the app.
Google Keep for Android now has undo and redo functionality

The feature can be immediately spottes when the user starts editing a note, and accessible from a pair of arrow-shaped buttons that come up at the bottom of the app screen.
However, for now, the option is limited to the current writing session only, in other words, the moment tye user leaves the note he/she’s writing, history will no longer be there again.
Of course, this should be a norm any text editor out there, but it’s still something to keep in mind when scribbling down your virtual note.
The new feature is available in Google Keep v3.4.803.02, which is currently rolling out to users. Funny enough, Google did not talk about this latest feature in the Play Store changelog at all, rather only listed a classic “Bug fixes and performance improvements”.

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