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Glance Plus works like the Always On feature to smartphones

You wish to have the “Always On” feature on the two recent
Samsung flagships, Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, S8 or even LG G5 but no way for now because
of your budget or you just don’t want them. 
Glance Plus works like the Always On feature to smartphones

Always On is a feature that lets
your device to display information about the current time, date, battery level,
weather and notifications without unlocking the screen.
This feature is mainly useful for people who cannot help but
keep turning on their display constantly, maybe looking for new notifications,
which seriously drain their battery. But, not everybody that does this has the
Always On feature on their smartphone. However if your smartphone has an AMOLED
display you can get this feature on your phone through an app called Glance
Here’s how the app works. Glance Plus takes advantage of
your phone’s proximity sensor to allow you check the time, weather forecast,
notifications and various useful information, all without unlocking your
screen. this means it is a mix of Always On and Ambient Display. Once you
install in the app, you get to customize every detail of the app, from the font
of the display to the position of the information you want displayed, to the
size and color of the displayed text.Glance Plus
You have the option to make full use of the Always On
function on Glance Plus only when your device is charging. After charging, you
can view the date, time and notifications by swiping your hand over the
proximity sensor. You can also choose to enable the feature anytime you pull
out the phone from your pulse or pocket through the Settings menu or as soon as
the display is turned off.
If you possess a device with an AMOLED screen it’s advisable
to set the position of the displayed information to Random. This is to avert a
burn-in effect, which is a permanent “ghost image” caused by displaying static
content for too long.
Glance Plus is a good substitute to Always On for folks who
want to see information without unlocking their phones. Unfortunately, though,
this app does not completely replace the feature, but the app is reasonable,
and will improve with upcoming updates.



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