Dubai is planning to deploy a set of self-driving robotic police cars to patrol its streets. These police cars will also use biometric software to identify individuals. This is part of a broader effort to have robots constitute up to 25% of Dubai’s police force by 2030.
Dubai to launch self-driving robotic police cars soon

This news comes just months after the country announced its autonomous flying taxi service. By the end of 2017, these robotic police cars will start to patrol Dubai’s thoroughfares and assist in performing minor enforcement tasks.
The hope is for these self-driving robotic police cars to help prevent crime using a 360-degree surveillance system. Also, according to the Dubai Police, the vehicles will be equipped with software tools to scan individuals who might potentially do wrong. Furthermore, each vehicle will have its own drone.
Dubai to launch self-driving robotic police cars soon
The Dubai Police command room will monitor both the car and the drone while it is on the streets.
The self-driving robotic police cars are about the size of an electric toy car. This would be the world’s first ground-aerial security robot system, powered by an advanced machine learning algorithm and 3D SLAM technology, according to the manufacturers OTSAW Digital. The cars come with laser scanner, thermal camera, HD cameras and LIDAR. This is in an effort to avoid obstacles as it navigates the road and detect anomalies.
The car’s thermal imaging, along with facial and license plate recognition and stereo photography, helps to access various data.
Another thing is that the vehicle is designed to self-charge once it runs low on energy. Now, these self-driving cars also allow for a manual takeover. This means that security personnel can override the cars manually to control its movements.
The self-driving robotic police cars are part of the Smart Dubai Initiative. Dubai is the first country to deploy these vehicles. Now it remains to be seen whether these cars will actually deter crime.

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