Checkout the latest alleged Samsung Galaxy Note 8 front View

Checkout the latest alleged Samsung Galaxy Note 8 front View
Different leaks showing both the rear and the front of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 have refused to let its fans rest. Today, another tech tipster has shared an alleged front view of the ever anticipated phablet via his Twitter page.

It’s possible to see the Galaxy Note 8 announced next month, on August 23, 2017. That is a bit earlier than expected, which be related to the drastic drop in the Galaxy S8 sale. Already, most people can’t wait to feel how the next gen Galaxy Note would be like.
Previous leaked images showing the back of the Galaxy Note 8 included the dual-camera setup feature. There was also mounting of the fingerprint scanner on rear of the Galaxy Note 8 close to the camera set-up, just like the Galaxy S8 and S8+.
Still on the position of the fingerprint scanner, there is a major change. The fingerprint scanner for Note 8 is seperated from the cameras by the dual LED flash rather than placing it immediately next to the cameras, which could result to possible smudges on the lenses. A nice idea but “on-screen fingerprint scanner could have been a killer feature for a smartphone of this class.
Pricing of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 could be in the range of $900 USD.



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