Facebook is regarded by most people as a home for all manner
of news. An abode for any kind of information one needs in life.
WhatsApp Gradually Replacing Facebook As A Source Of Reliable News

However, if one is searching for reliable and original news,
there is possibility that you go astray if you live in Facebook. Even in recent
times, Facebook itself shows that it has been struggling to curtail this fake
news itself by launching a new feature that allows users to confirm the
authenticity of the news.

Though Facebook is doing its best but another branch of the
same company appears to be doing better in terms of getting credible and
reliable news. Rendering to a study performed by the Reuters Institute for the
study of Journalism, WhatsApp is seen as a more reliable source of information.

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Though Facebook is still one of the most prevalent social
media for its users to the latest occurrence in the world and around them but
it appears that a significant number of its believer in terms of news has
The research by the Reuters Institute for the Study of
Journalism involved a total of 71,805 people across 36 countries. It was discovered
that in more than half of these 36 nations, the total percentage of people putting
your faith in Facebook as a source of news has drastically dropped.
The study shown that 47% of respondents use social media to
keep themselves up-to-date of current affairs, whether locally or globally. But
again, the percentage of people that believes WhatsApp as a trusted news home
is just 15%.
WhatsApp Gradually Replacing Facebook As A Source Of Reliable News
Though, when breaking down the analysis according to the
countries, the figures varies. About 51 percent of persons in Malaysia depend
on WhatsApp for their news, as do people in Brazil (46 percent) and Chile (39
This reduction in numbers for Facebook could be owed to a
number of reasons. These numbers appear to have dropped across several other
platforms like print media. A factor that influences this is the individual’s
age and where they desire to get their news from.
However, generally, the number of persons relying on print
media like newspapers and so on has dropped throughout all age groups. Most of them
now consults online media outfits or TV.

Another factor is the circulation of fake news on Facebook which
is most likely to have contributed to the drop in Facebook’s numbers.


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