Recall that in February 2016, WhatsApp announced that it will stop supporting its versions of BlackBerry OS, which includes that BlackBerry 10 by December 2016. This move had a tremedous negative effect on values of BBOS and BB10 devices as many of its users immediately began discard their phones by seeking for other options.
WhatsApp extends support for Blackberry "Again"

That announcement made in February never saw the light of the day as it was later postponed to June 30, 2017.
Now, we are in June 2017, the company which is owned by Facebook has confirmed that the support has again been extended till 31 December 2017.
To affirm their stand, Blackberry users with WhatsApp client on their devices have started receiving a new update, with a notice clearly stating:
changed client end-of-life date to December 31, 2017.”
However, the app will stop working for Nokia S60 devices, while the support for the Nokia S40 has been extended as well to end of this year.
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