Using a smartphone or any other device to read or for any other purpose for sometimes in the dark could have a negative impact on the eyes.
Use of smartphone can lead to blindness
Ever thought of increasing the brightness level of your smartphone beyond 30% and start staggering in a place with little reflection because you find out that your eyes are somewhat blurry. Possible that the muscle of that eye is weak.

Of course, one of the great features which high-end smartphones enjoy is brightness, it’s one of the selling points for the manufacturers and users loves it but its gradually dealing with them.
Try to close your right eye and leave the left one opened, you will notice a difference when you reflexively close your left eye and open the right one. It’s very difficult to close the right eye and open the left one (or vice versa).
Ever noticed that after exposing your eyes to bright screens (light) of smartphones, Tablets, laptops or any other device for long, you sometimes it feels stony objects in those eyes. This is one of the reasons why the brightness on your device needs to be kept at a reasonable level.

According to research and surveys based on users experience, using a smartphone or any device with screen at during the bedtime causes partial blindness. So it’s better you completely turn it off it possible.

Eye is one of the most important organs in human parts, let us be guided.
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