Do you remember that feeling of being the only person that owns a Nintendo Game Boy among your friends then. Everybody begs you for them to have a feel of it on their palm.
Turn your Android smartphone into a Game Boy, can also use cartridges

Now imagine turning that your Android smartphone into a Nintendo Game Boy that works with both monochrome and color game cartridges.

This has now been made possiblw, it’s not an April fool joke as many thought last year when such technology wss initially conceived. All you  need at your disposal to perform this majic of converting your Android smartphone to a Nintendo Game Boy is what is called Smart Boy.

This device can be pre-ordered for US$77.86, that is £59.99 at current exchange rates.
The Smart Boy will connect to your Android smartphone via a Type-C USB port. This simply means your phone must have a Type-C port. Another requirement for your Android phone to work with this device is that the size must be between 5.2-inch to 6-inch display.
Another feature of this Smart Boy is the possibility of making use of your old Game Boy and Game Boy Color cartridges.
Smart Boy is included in the Samsung Mobile Accessory Partnership Program and allegedly work well on the Samsung Galaxy S8, all thanks to the Type-C port. So it’s possible to work on many other Android smartphone with same port and specs.
To go back to the food old days you can pre-order your own Smart Boy by clicking/tapping on the link below.


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