Samsung makes its Secure Folder available from the Google Play Store
It was earlier reported this month that Samsung has
eliminated its My Knox security platform from all its Galaxy smartphones.
Though Knox will be available for those who are currently using it till the end
of service date which is yet to be announced, new Samsung smartphones will not
get the taste.

 This was a platform that enable users to use the same device
for work and play. When you are in the office, Knox provides secure apps to use
and when at home, the apps meant for work would be locked down. This is to
prevent strangers or kids from mistakenly accessing apps related to work.
Samsung is now advising customers to switch to its Secure
Folders instead of My Knox. The way Secure Folder works is that it creates a
private, encrypted space on the user’s Samsung Galaxy device.
The Secure Folder was originally introduced with the Samsung
Galaxy Note 7 and can only be download via the Galaxy App Store only. But it
has now been made available for on Google Play Store. The main reason for this
is to make things a bit easier for Samsung customers.
Secure Folder uses the concept of a sandbox just like Knox, to
distinct work apps from play apps to deliver users with an extra level of
protection. Apps and Data can speedily be secured by tapping on “Move to Secure
Tapping on “Add Files” will import files from
inside the app while the Secure Folder locks with a desired option from many
such as a pattern, a biometric lock, a password or a PIN.
Despite making it available in the Google Play Store, the
app is still limited to only compatible Samsung Galaxy devices.

To install the app on one those devices, click on this link.
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