Too much exposure to a bright and white UI could be irritating at night but sometimes unavoidable. You just have do it or it might be too late. Which is why Twitter deem it necessary to release a night mode feature for its app.
Night mode on Twitter is now automatic for Android

All you needed to do then, was to go the menu, just switch on the “Night mode” and you find a dark background active with white text as against the black text with a white background as shown below.
Now, Android users can enjoy tge automatic toggling from the normal mode to night mode at due time. Twitter on Android is about to get a “set it and forget it” night mode feature.
This new development is commence with the Twitter’s beta users, the app users will have access to an automatic night mode that toggles at sunrise and sunset for those whose fingers works round the clock on Twitter.
The Automatic Night mode feature will come with Twitter 7.2. After updating to the latest version, one will be forced back to the regular mode and once you tap night mode again, you’ll get a notification to set night mode to automatic if you so choose.
This latest feature will soon be made available to the public.


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