Latest Smile 4G data plan

Smile is one of the prominent 4G LTE broadband internet service provider (ISPs) in Nigeria that offers super fast internet services in country.

Latest Smile 4G data plan

As at today, its network coverage is only available in seven states which includes Lagos, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Abuja, Asaba, Kaduna, Benin City and Onitsha. Though, Smile network are also planning to roll out its services in some other major cities/town across the federation.

Smile 4G LTE network service provider supports 4G LTE smartphones compatible with bands 20 (800MHz). A Smile 4G LTE SIM card would be needed to access its service. 
Smile network have their own MiFi and Router devices that enables easy access to their 4G LTE internet service.

The SMIFI-S device is used to connect smartphones, wireless PCs and other gadgets to internet and it cost ₦15,800.
Smile SIM Only Starter Pack cost ₦1,000 if customers already have his/her universal MiFi or Wi-Fi device.
Customer can also purchase the SMIFI + Unlimited Premium bundle for just₦24,800. The SMIFI connect you to with your Smartphones, PC and other devices. The active Unlimited Premium on the SMIFI valid for 30days.

Smile Unlimited Monthly Data Plans
The SMIFI-S come with two Unlimited bundle packages which is valid for 30 days. This allows downloading of any files w8thout restriction.
Find below the plans:
Unlimited Premuim Plan, Cost: N19,800, Valid for 30 days
Unlimited lite Plan, Cost: N10, 000, Valid for 30 days
Smile Anytime Data Plans
Smile Anytime allows the subscribers to surf the internet at anytime of the day, i.e. 24/7 a day. Below are the plans.

200GB Anytime, Cost: N135,000, Valid for 12 Months
100GB Anytime, Cost: N70,000 Valid for 12 Months
15GB Anytime, Cost: N10,000, Valid for 30 days
10GB Anytime, Cost: N9, 000, Valid for 30 days
7GB Anytime, Cost: N5, 000, Valid for 30 days
5GB Anytime, Cost: N5, 000, Valid for 30 days
20GB Anytime, Cost: N17, 000 Valid for 12 Months
50GB Anytime, Cost: N36, 000, Valid for 12 Months
3GB Anytime, Cost: N3, 000, Valid for 30 days
Other plans includes:
2GB SmileLite Cost: N2, 000, Valid for 30 days
1GB SmileLite, Cost: N1, 000, Valid for  30 days
Latest Smile Weekend And Night Data Plans
10GB Night and weekend, Cost: N7500, Valid for 30 days
5GB Night and weekend, Cost: N4000, Valid for 30 days
20GB Night and weekend, Cost: N14000, Valid for 30 days

Smile MidNight Data Plans
20GB MidNite Data, Cost: N6, 000, Valid for 30 days
50GB MidNite Data, Cost: N12, 000, Valid for 30 days

Voice call on Smile Nigeria network
Though Smile is 4G LTE network provider, it also offers voice call which is relatively cheapee than that of most networks providers across the country. The tariff for voice call on Smile is 8kobo/sec to all networks. You will be given access to over 200 mins for calls with N1,000 naira only. However, you must have an active data plan before having access to the Smile Voice service.

SmileVoice ONLY plan, Cost: N1, 000, Valid for 90 days.

Latest Smile 4G data plan

To Subscribe For Smile Data Bundles, kindly visit any Smile office, buy from retailer or subscribe from their online store HERE

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