How to Stop MTN VAS subcriptions from 38430 and 38431

How to Stop MTN VAS subcriptions from 38430 and 38431
You have been receiving some unwanted VAS subscription from network providers and you feel like breaking you device due to disturbance caused by the alert. We are going to give you tips on how to stop services from 38430 and 38431.

Inspirational quotes is same as Wise Quotes, Insightful Proverbs is same as Wise Proverbs, Family life is same as Life Education Tips and Nutrition for Healthy Living is same as Nutrition Tips.

Please note that the above mentioned services gets to your devices via 38430 and it cost N100 per week.

Financial Literacy Tips is same as Financial Tips.
Fitness Clues and Funny Facts also the from the same source.

Services mentioned above are generated from 38431, which cost N50 per week.

Now moving to the real reason why you visited the post, kindly find below the deactivation codes for them highlighted services above:

Text STOPQUO to 38430 to stop WISE QUOTES (Inspirational quotes) service 

Text STOPPRO to 38430 to stop WISE PROVERBS (Insightful Proverbs) service 

Text STOPLIFE to 38430 to stop LIFE EDUCATION TIPS (Family life) service 

Text STOPTIP to 38430 to stop NUTRITION TIPS (Nutrition for Healthy Living) service 

Text STOPFIN to 38431 to stop FINANCIAL TIPS (Financial Literacy Tips) service 

Text STOPFIT to 38431 to stop FITNESS CLUES servic 

Text STOPHISTORY to 38431 to stop NIGERIAN HISTORY service 

Text STOPFUNNY to 38431 to stop FUNNY FACTS service

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