Most people think Google Photos is just a place (cloud) to keep all their photographs and videos or back up.However, through advanced machine learning, Google Photos can cleverly recognize people, places, and things, i.e. they can simply searchable.

An interesting thing is that Google Photos is sort of an Assistant like the real Google Assistant on Android and Google Home.

  • Displays the status of the backup.
  • Automatically makes “movies” based on related clips.
  • Produces “animations” making use Bursted photos. (You can also create your own animations by selecting between 2-50 photos by yourself, however the result of the outcome is the same (a GIF file has been created)

Sharing animated GIFs online like Giphy, Twitter, is possible but on Instagram, you will have to convert the file into a video.

Google photos

How to easily share or convert GIF to a video on Android and iOS

For iPhone Users

On iOS, you’ll need to use another app like GifLab (free) to convert the GIF into a video.


Step 1: To find your animations, type “animations” into the Photos search bar in the iOS or Android app.

Step 2: Then, select your animation. (These are animations you’ve saved. Animations that Google Photos created but you didn’t save within 30 days of their creation will not appear and are lost forever, so save them when they’re created.)

Step 3: Tap the three icon located in the upper right corner and then tap “Download” to save the GIF.

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Step 4: Then, open up GifLab and do the following:

  • Open GifLab and select “GIF to Instagram.”
  • Select your GIF and adjust the playback speed.

Step 5: Tap “Save and share on Instagram.”

For Android Users

On Android, GIFs can easily be shared directly from Google Photos to Instagram, because the Android app automatically transforms the GIF into a video without the need of extra app.

To share GIF on Android’s version of Instagram:-

Step 1: Select the desired Google Photos animation GIF as outlined above and then tap the share icon in the lower left.

Step 2: Select Instagram as the app (obviously, have it installed and logged in) to share the GIF.

Step 3: Once the GIF’s been auto converted into a video, you’ll be taken Instagram where you can select a filter and add a caption.



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