How To Remove Blog Title From Post Title on blogger

You want increase your chance of being seen on the first page in search engines and no matter how you tried, you still find it difficult. I will not lie to you, it is not easy, but you keep on pushing.

After creating a post on blogger, it creates a separate page based on the title and date given to the post. But blogger by default will show the title of the blog first before displaying the title of the post itself. What you see is Blog Title : Post Title. For example,

TELLFORCE Blog : How To Remove Blog Title From Post Title on blogger

If you Google your post or look for it from other search engines, you will get the above.

When search engines tried to index the site they give it extra brownie points by what is written in the title. This means So if I am searching for “Smartphones” and the post title was “4G LTE Smartphones”, then this would make post more relevant for me than a post titled with Blog Title in front.

Of course, this leads to degradation of the post title’s value, thereby making the blog title more relevant than the post. To eleminate this ugly thing, follow the below steps to get rid of it:

? Log into your blogger account and dash in to the Dashboard and select your preferred blog.

? Click on Theme

? Backup your template first before editing anything. This is to ensure safety incase you make mistake.
Click on Backup/Restore and click on Download to save the XML file on your computer.

How To Remove Blog Title From Post Title on blogger

? Now click Edit HTML

? Find the following code by clicking inside and press CTRL F on your keyboard:


? Now replace the above code with the below by copying it:

<b:if cond=’data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;’>

? Then save the Template.

The above process will ensure that your blog title only appears on homepage and the post title will be shown in search results without the blog title.


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