Celebrates 30 years of the GIF
Facebook now allows you add GIFs in comments.
Ever thought of how old GIF images and animations have been around? The answer is 30 years, old indeed.

This image format for some many people had recently become a common way for expressing thoughts and emotions on social media many social media platform. One of the most popular social media platform to have exceptionally put GIF images and animation to use is Facebook.
Report says Facebook users sends almost 25,000 GIFs on Messenger in every minute? So to celebrate the GIF’s 30th anniversary of existence as well as its popularity among its users, Facebook is finally allowing everybody to add GIFs in their comments, effective June 15, 2017, which is today.
Facebook now allows you add GIFs in comments.
Posting GIFs in in Facebook’s status updates has been made possible before today but as comments, it starts today.
But how do you start? Facebook has been kind to us by providing a brand new dedicated button for doing that. All you need to do is just by clicking or tapping on the button to add a GIF from a list of trending animations. There is also a search bar provided for searching for a particular GIF animation you may wish to use.
To mark the 30th birthday of GIF, the Facebook company also introduced a special selection of GIFs starring popular Internet celebrities like Logan Paul, DREEZY, DNCE, Amanda Cerny, Patrick Starr, Wuz Good, Violet Benson, Landon Moss and Brandi Marie. To find those GIFs, search for #GIFparty when sharing a GIF on your Facebook platform or the Messenging platform. You can as well visit GIPHY.com/Facebook to get them.
Facebook now allows you add GIFs in comments.
Violet Benson
Another interesting event introduced by Facebook was initiating an online poll for US handler and asking them for the right pronunciation of the word „GIF“ with a hard “G” like in the word “go”, or with a soft “G” like that of “gent”.
Facebook now allows you add GIFs in comments.
You can also vote by visiting Facebook’s official Page on your mobile phone. To find the Page, search for “Facebook” in the main Facebook app.


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