4 effective ways to use Google Search you don’t know

It’s been discovered that we have been under utilizing the
Google search engine while most of are still unable to achieve the desired
outcome. To this effect, Tellforceblog.com has tried to fetch out some
effective ways to comb through the internet and get the exact information we
are looking for.
4 effective ways to use Google Search you don't know

With the ever-evolving technology and neck breaking internet
speed, one can find nearly any information stretching from tips on how to make
an omelette to data about the effect quantum computation of tech trends.
Below is a list of the most effective ways to use Google
Search to get almost the exact or even the exact information you want to have:
Browsing within
Sometimes, one gets an interesting article on a particular
website and want to share with friends or just read it again. All you got to do
is search from the website by typing the name of the website and a key word or
phrase from the article and it would come up in the search results.
The Influence of ‘Or’
Occasionally we may not be sure of the specific information
we are seeking or may we can remember the terms we want to search correctly, no
cause for fear. All that is needed is to include an “|” or “OR” between the
terms and it should be much stress-free to get any information we want.
The Plus in synonyms
during search
We have a tons of synonyms in the English language. At times,
one could take advantage of this when browsing through the net for a particular
data. If you need to find information on any subject matter instead of a
specific phrase, just add the “~” symbol. For instance, searching for “good~food”
one will get links about healthy eating guides, cooking recipes and healthy
dining suggestions.
The Power of
Most of the time, it happens that we find it difficult to
remember a key word, number, or phrase vital for the search query we want to
carry out. We can find what we’re looking for by simply adding the “*” to what we
can remember and the search results should bring us what we are looking for.
You can add more from your end but I hope these Google
search tips would make your search for an information more productive.
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