Have you registered for your National Identity Card (ID) and you are waiting forever to get the SMS for collection. It’s possible that yours is ready

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) was mandated to make sure every citizen of Nigeria owns a National ID. Some Nigerians have even registered for theirs as far back as 2012, even earlier than that. It is actually possible that their ID cards have been produced since but yet to get information on collection.

If you are yet to register, simply walking to any of NIMC offices for registration. A temporary slip will be given to you, which will stand as the National ID cards. Though most organisation or banks tends to reject it as means of Identification when tendered, but you will need it for the collection of the permanent ID.

The main purpose of possessing this National ID card is to identify citizens and reduce the influx of illegal immigration into the country.

The agency came up with a easy process of confirming the readiness of the National IDs for registered individuals by creating a portal to access their data base.

This method is very easy and smart, especially if one is yet to get the SMS for collection and you feel like you are waiting forever for the permanent Plastic ID card.


How to Check If Your National Identity Card (NIMC) is Ready for Collection


Find below important requirement needed in confirming the status of your National ID card:

  • First thing is to go and dust your box or folder where you filed in your Temporary ID card given to you upon successful registration because you will need the last 6 digit of your ID number. It is eleven digits, so you are required to have the last 6 [*****678912].
  • An electronic device such as Desktop, Laptop or mobile phone.
  • Internet connection is required.
  • Full name, i.e. your First and the Last name.
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After getting the above mentioned ready, below are the steps to get the status online.

How to Check

Step 1. Launch your browser and visit https://touch.nimc.gov.ng

Step 2. Click or Tap the button “Click to proceed”.

Permanent National ID card: How To Check The Availability Status for Collection

Step 3. Fill the form displayed with your enrollment details – First Name, Last Name and the Last six digits of your Temporary National ID.

Permanent National ID card: How To Check The Availability Status for Collection

Step 4. Click on the button “CHECK NOW”, when your are through.

Your the available status of your National ID card will be displayed as seen below (if yours is not ready).

Permanent National ID card: How To Check The Availability Status for Collection


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