How to disable shutter sound on iPhone

How to disable camera sound on iPhone

You want to secretly take a picture of something or you just hate that clicking sound when taking picture. If you are in the that position and you are using an iPhone, then the process to turn it off is about to get to you.

Some phones does not have the option, which means you may need to completely switch the entire device to silent mode.
On Android device, to turn off the clicking sound is a bit easier and straightforward but complicated on iPhone.
Below is the process on how to disable camera sounds iPhone.
Method 1
? Launch your music app and start playing a song,
? Reduce the volume of your music to zero,
? Launch your camera app and take your picture.
Method 2
? Tap the Mute button on the side of your iPhone
? Then take your picture.
Method 3
Jailbreaking your iPhone appears to be the best option to disable the camera sound but you need to be a bit tech oriented and be very careful.
There are few methods to do so, they includes;
? The Use of a Jailbreak app to silent the camera sound which is called  Silent Photo Chill. It mutes the sound you get when obtaining screenshots as well as that of your camera when taking photo.
? Renaming the sound effect file in the Operating System itself stop the clicking sound. To rename the sound effect file, a tool called iExplorer or iFile is needed on your jailbroken iPhone.
1. Firstly, connect the iPhone to SSH. 

2. Secondly, use the below command to rename the camera sound file:

mv/System/Library/Audio/UISounds/photoShutter.caf to /System/Library/audio/UISounds/photoShutter-off.caf.

Then you are done with your mission
We hope the next iPhones will come with this feature, saving us some stress.
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