Facebook Messenger is down. Check your location is you are affected.
You may have trying to chat or access the Facebook Messenging app, Messenger, and may be get response that you don’t have any message. The instant messaging app which is currently used by more than 1 billion people monthly, is presently down in many locations around the globe.

Some of its handlers can’t access, neither send nor receive messages even after all efforts in making it work. Some might have even uninstalled and re-installed it, regardless of whatever platform or OS, could be the mobile app, or on a computer (through Facebook’s website).
Facebook Messenger is down. Check your location is you are affected.
Presently, it seems that the Messenger was down for most users on the East Coast of the US, Canada and in Europe, though some parts are now up and running fine again.
The mother company, Facebook is yet to comment on the issue but it’s certainly look like the company is battling with some serious issues right now.
However, the main Facebook website and the Facebook mobile app appears to be working fine but refused to access the messaging side of it.
To check the Facebook Messenger outage map, click this link to peruse if your location is affected.
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