Whistle-Blowing: Politician now sacks their domestic maids.
Whistle-blowing seems to have been a great way of reducing unemployment if you are not employed or making more money.
Politicians have started racking their brains and adopting security measures against friends, family members, domestic workers or any close individuals that could betray them.

According to Nigerian Tribune, politicians have not adopted a serious and heavily screening of their security men, housemaids and those involves in management of their accounts in various banks.
The report stated that investigations revealed that some of the politicians have drastically reduced involvement of their domestic staff and security personnels in their transactions.
The report further stated that some of the prominent politicians no longer trust their bank managers because of the feeling that they are collaborating with anti-graft agencies so as to get richer because pf the 5% reward attached to the government’s whistle-blowing policy.
A source stated that: The whistle-blower policy is causing a lot of strained relationships between big-money men and some banks. There are strong suspicions that some bank officials are collaborating with agents of EFCC and the police to leak the contents of certain accounts.”

While Another source stated that: The introduction of that policy has reduced the level of trust between politicians and many of the staff they previously related with freely.

Some politicians who are less confident in their aquintance are said to have started sacking their domestic staff or bank managers.
According report, most of the cash discoveries made by the security agencies were due to the decision by politicians to hide such enomous money away from banks because bankers are also interested in the reward attached to whistle-blowing.
Also another one said that: There are strong suspicions that account officers in banks are not too clean in some of the discoveries, especially the funds so far recovered by the police in recent times, a source stated.
A source who is close to the governor of a stated on Friday, April 21, 2017 said that the recent recruitment of low level operatives and their deployment as detectives by the EFCC is of a lot of concern to politically exposed persons who fear such junior persons could be employed in error as domestic helps.

Indeed, there are fears that even private security firms guarding banks and other companies of interest could be harbouring whistle-blowers and operatives.”
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