Video: There will be another World War, it would end the whole world - Prophet TB Joshua

The controversial Nigerian prophet, TB Joshua of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) has broken bottles of predictions on everybody’s head by letting out another prophetic prediction from his tongue about the world.

Tellforceblog gathered that the prophet, shared powerful message via the church’s Facebook page TB Joshua Ministries , talking about the possible occurence of the world.
The video which contains this statement was posted on social media. The prophet said: “We wish to remind our viewers of the prophetic warning Prophet T.B. Joshua gave on January 3rd 2016 regarding the nation of North Korea, followed by an urgent call for prayer.

“We have to pray for the President of North Korea. Pray for North Korea. The reason why I am saying is, I am seeing an arrow from there and it will affect the world, if not a section of the world. So, let us live at peace because the war we are fighting already both in Syria and others is still there. We cannot afford another one again.

“It would end the whole world.

“The whole would be in confusion. Because what I saw – there are some weapons there the world does not know about. If they throw that arrow, there will be confusion. 

“Remember, there is fight everywhere. Adding this one to the fight means there will be confusion all over the world.”


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