Video: Stephanie Otobo releases original screen of her Facetime chat with Apostle Suleman
Stephanie Otobo and Apostle Suleman
Recall that Stephanie Otobo, the Canadian singer who accused the founder and general overseer of Omega Fire Ministry, Apostle Johnson Suleman, of impregnating her and promised her marriage which never materalised.

It seems she’s not through with the Apostle. She is still trying to convince the world of their alleged occurence illicit affair.
She is out with a new evidence to defend her allegations against Apostle Johnson Suleman.
According to the video below, she posted one of the alleged original screen of her many Facetime chat with the Apostle.
This particular vodeo released is said to be a chat that happened on October 19, 2016, at 5:26 PM based on the time-stamp on the phone.
See the video below:
Also recall that Stephanie Otobo’s mother, Bukky went to beg Apostle Suleman in his church, saying she had to do it as a mother for her daughter. She said this during an interview with two reporters from premium times.
Bukky said: “I did that because of my daughter, (and) because I am a mother. The way I am seeing her is not the way I brought her up. And all those her character is not giving me happiness which I want to put an end to. That is why I went to Auchi.”

“No, nobody threatened me. It is because I am a mother. When I saw what was going on, the day you people came to the market I said I wanted to go and meet the man of God to apologise so that we can put an end to the matter.

“Because I know my daughter. I did not bring her up this way and the way she is behaving is not normal. So, I said I want to go and beg the man of God to forgive her so that this matter can die off.

“Because I cannot continue with this (and) the way I am seeing it, I don’t want anything of such to happen again. Nobody threatened to kill me or prompted me to do so. I went there on my own to apologise to man of God.”

“What I am still saying is that they should pardon her and the matter should just go down like that. They should forgive this matter because they’ve been manipulating her because this is not her real self.

“She was not behaving like this before. It seems all those lawyers are manipulating her, using her to say all this rubbish and bringing all this things out.

“So I begged that this matter should die down now because this is not my real daughter. I believe somebody must have been manipulating her. All those lawyers (and) all those her friends are using her.

“This is not the way I brought her up because I brought many children up. They are not behaving like this. Somebody is brainwashing her, polluting her mind and that is what is making her to do all this things that she is doing now.”


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