The origin of Senator Isiaka Adeleke’s demise has been made opened to the public
SENATOR'S DEATH: Pathologists says OVERDOSE of PAINKILLER was given to Senator Isiaka Adeleke
Senator Isiaka Adeleke
Rendering from pathologists who carried out a post-mortem
examination on the Senator’s corpse before the burial, reported that he died of
overdose of anaesthetics. 

 The motionless body of Senator Adeleke was taken back to
LAUTECH Hospital, Osogbo, for an autopsy following his sudden death at the
hospital on Sunday, April 23, 2017.
According to earlier reports immediately after his death, he
was said to have died of cardiac arrest but the natives of his home town, Ede, maintained
that they want to know the cause of his sudden death on the belief that his
death was unnatural. 

Sahara Reporters released a report that the two-time Senator
did not die of poisoning but was administered an overdose of painkillers which
resulted to his demise


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