My haters are my advertiser - T.B Joshua
Speaking during his sermon message to his church during the weekend, the controversial man of God, Prophet Temitope B Joshua, popularly known as T.B Joshua by most Nigerians has claimed that his haters are simply advertising him and his church.

He said those his haters who go about labelling him a devil and never stop speaking bad about his church are only helping to advertise the church.
He said: “God has given us adverts. Every living ministry has free adverts. What you say about me is an advert to me. If you leave here today and tomorrow, go to town and say;

“That man is a devil, not a man of God.”

“you are advertising me!

“Dont go there; they used to tie people down. Its a bad Church. You are indirectly advertising me because the people you are telling will want to confirm whether truly they tie people down.

“By the time they come and find people are not tied down, they become members! So, I have been using this advert for many years but people dont know.

“This is why I dont have a signpost. This is the advert God has given me for the past 30 years.

“God said, ‘Dont have any signboard, God will advertise your ministry to the world free of charge. Thank you for your advert!

“Let people advertise you.

“Dont fight. If truly you are genuine, whatever people say about you; whether they condemn you, spoil your name or praise you. It is for your good. Dont fight; take it easy.

“What people say about your business, family and life out there, they are for your good. If truly you are sent by God, it will turn around to favour you!
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