Does it mean RAIN has forgotten how to fall in Ilorin?
The moment you step out of the boundry of Ilorin City, you will start seeing fresh green grasses everywhere, you ‘ll hear sweet songs from the bird, singing joyfully at the sight of green leaves tapping themselves on the trees.

Has rain forgotten how to fall this year? Weather apps are all inaccurate.
Domestic herbivores animals swinging their tails at the taste of fresh and green grasses. Bulls and sheeps swinging their tails and using it to send away their trouble makers, though, flies can be frustrating at times.
Now, going back to my question, it’s like Ilorin as a whole needs prayer if you are the spiritual type. And if you not, please become one now.
This is April 11, 2017, all we are seeing is clouds. We have only experience a proper rainfall once, but for me I will call that 30 minutes storm. Why?
It fell and put almost the whole town into darkness by breaking almost electric poles across the town within 30 minutes.
The funny thing about this issue is, all the so call weather forcast apps on our phones, tablets and PCs keeps lying to us. In fact, as I am typing this now, my Google app is displaying “Rainfall” is currently falling in Ilorin while everywhere is dry.
God should please come and help us.
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