Video: Man stoned to death after he was caught defiling dead body of his daughter

Nairobi News reported that a 48-year-old man has been stoned to death by his family members after he was found defiling the remains of his dead daughter at his home in Kuresoi North, Kenya.

While family members were said to have been busy making burial arrangements of the 11-year-old girl, who died of a heart failure, the man entered the room where the body was laid to have intercourse with it.
The area chief, Kuria Mburu confirmed the occurence of the incident by saying: “His wife said she got suspicious when her husband kept sneaking into the room where his daughter’s body laid. She decided to follow him and found him in the act. She raised an alarm, alerting his five daughters and other relatives who beat him to death.”

A neighbour claimed she heard screams while working in her shamba almost 500 metres away, but by the time she got to the compound, the man’s corpse was already laid outside his house surrounded by the family and was later taken to Molo Sub county mortuary.
Deputy Commissioner of Police, Baraza Wafula also confirmed the incident and said, investigations into the matter have commenced.
He said,“This is a police case. The law does not encourage people to kill others in the name of justice.
However, according to a source within the family who sought anonymity, disclosed that the two bodies would be buried on the same day but there will be no burial rite for the man.
“His body will be buried on Friday morning during the ritual, after which a memorial service and the normal funeral proceedings will be carried out for the girl.”

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