Vampire could have forgotten to use disappearance charm, says his herbalist

Tellforceblog Vampire could have forgotten to use disappearance charm, says his herbalist
Iweajua Gad
The 55-year-old herbalist, Iweajua Gad, who own up to have been
in charge of charms preparations to fortify the notorious kidnap kingpin, Henry
Chibueze, commonly known as Vampire, murdered last week during a gun battle
with men of the Inspector-General of Police Intelligence Response Team in Abia
State, has claimed that Vampire may have forgot to tie the charm for
disappearance on his waist.

Gad, who was apprehended on Sunday, March 5, in his shrine
at Asoeme town, Aba, Abia South Local Government Area, Abia State, confessed
that he collected the sum of N700,000 from the gang to prepare the charms that will
aid vampire’s rescue from the court.
Gad also said to have prepared charms that could stop
bullets from piercing through Vampire’s body and that of his cohorts.
Another notable story was how Henry Chibueze killed three of
his cousins, which includes a soldier. This confession was made by one of the
suspects (Chukwuebuka Ikeazota) arrested at the end of the gun battle that killed Vampire.
According to the herbalist: “yes, I was his juju man. I performed the special ritual that made his
escape from the Owerri High Court. I did it with the assistance of three other

“Part of the rituals
included causing disagreement among prison officials. We got the names of seven
prison officials through the help of Vampire ’s brother. I did incarnations,
which caused them to be weak and confused. I was paid N700,000 for the ritual.
I was given an initial payment of N200,000 for the preparation and after he was
successfully rescued, I was paid the balance of N500,000
When asked why the charm became futile on the day Vampire’s
reign ended, he said that he could have forgotten to tie the charms meant for
disappearance round his waist.
Meanwhile, one of the alleged members of the gang,
Chukwuebuka Ikeazota, disclosed how Vampire planned the bloody Friday, January
27, rescue from prison custody.
He revealed that Vampire had already provided all the
logistics, funds, arms and ammunition that was used by the gang.
He added that it was Vampire’s elder brother, Cornelius Ikeazota,
who led the gang that rescued Vampire.
Chukwuebuka Ikeazota
He said: “I am related
to Vampire by blood. My mother and his father were born by same parents. He is
from Agbaja town in Nwagele Local Government Area, Imo State, and he used to
visit us while we were younger.

“He stopped coming
regularly to our house about 10 years ago, after he killed a soldier in Port
Harcourt, Rivers State.
Talked about the cousins and solder Killed by Vampire;
He add: “Afterwards,
we heard that he was a robber and that during an operation he killed a soldier.

“He ran away after
that incident and I didn’t see him again until 2015, when he was arrested by
the Department of State Service, DSS operatives.

“Before his arrest,
three of my uncles were killed by a gunman in my mother’s home town in Agbaja.

“My mother and some of
her sisters trooped to their village and laid curse on whoever carried out the

“It was three days
after the curse was placed on their killers that Vampire was arrested by DSS.
During interrogation, he confessed to be responsible for the death of my
uncles. He said he killed them because they swindled him of some money he gave
them to build a house for him.

“I used to visit him
while he was in prison; to buy him food. He did not eat food cooked in the
prison. During one of the visits, he gave me a note to take to his native
doctor in Abia State. He was always in constant communication with my elder
brother Cornelius.

“He (Cornelius) was
the person Vampire gave money to buy SUV for him and he knows where Vampire
kept his weapons.

“It was Cornelius that
organised the boys that went to the court to rescue Vampire. Thereafter, they
brought him to our house. He never came out of the house during the day.

“Two days after his
release, he regrouped his boys and they went into town, kidnapped four persons
and kept them in a forest. He was still staying in our house at the time I was
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