Vacate Nigeria now, group gives Amnesty International 7-day Ultimatum

A group has told the
Amnesty international to vacate the country with 7 days

Refusal to do address
their demand, the group swore to go into the streets objecting the presence of
the international group in Nigeria
Tellforceblog: Vacate Nigeria now, group gives Amnesty International 7-day Ultimatum
The group also maintained
that Nigerians could no longer accept the intentional act of sabotage and
indirect negative impact of Amnesty International on the nation’s national

Amnesty International has been informed to quit Nigeria over
their unfavourable report about
Nigeria’s security organisations by a human rights advocacy group.
The group under the support of the save humanity advocacy
center, gave Amnesty International a 7-day stipulation to instantly leave the
country claiming that Nigerians have had enough of their “absurdity and evil
According to Leadership, while speaking to the newsmen at a
press conference in Abuja, on Sunday, March 19, the group’s executive
secretary, Comrade Ibrahim Abubakar, said that upon refusal of Amnesty International
to leave the country at the end of the ultimatum, it will result to street
Abubakar asserted that Nigerians could no longer consent the
deliberate act of disruption and indirect compromise of national security by
Amnesty International
He stated: “To this
end, we are opening a register of protests in our office to collect the
signatures of Nigerians, who are resentful to the destructive activities of
Amnesty International as well as their dubious reports of hate and espionage on
Nigerian soil.

“And failure of
Amnesty International to respond to this plea as stipulated, they would incur
the wrath of Nigerians, who would have no option than occupy Nigeria on the
streets, until government compels Amnesty International to leave the country.”
According to Abubakar, the most recent report of Amnesty
International which accused the Nigerian military and other supporting arms of
security of human rights violations when fighting the acts of terrorism,
separatism and fanaticism in the country is another suggestion of the
organization’s continual mission to weaken Nigeria’s security.
He added: “we are
worried and indeed, sad to notice that each time peace and normalcy is
returning to these troubled parts of the country, Amnesty International, an
international human rights body mindlessly punctures the essence of this peace
by cooking up baseless reports that maliciously indict and disparage efforts of
the Nigerian security architecture, by alleging unsubstantiated human rights

“We have noticed that each time Amnesty
International wail for criminal gangs or terrorists in released reports, Boko
Haram terrorists crude and barbaric attacks, including slitting the throats of
captives with knives, gain momentum and the tempo of violent insurrections also
heightens in the country.”
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