The Untold Story of Vampire of how he got N20m, 48 hours, paid arms supplier N6m and how his anti-bullet charm failed him

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The is an untold story of Vampire also known as Henry Chibueze and how he got N20m just 48 hours after being rescued by his group, paid N6 million to arms supplier and also how his anti-bullet magic failed him.

The Assistant Commissioner of Police, Abba Kyari released
report to New Telegraph about how deadly kidnapper, Vampire got N20m within 48
hours of his rescue by his gang, settled arms supplier N6m moments before his
death and how, his “anti-bullet” charms disappointed him.

Members of his gang, who were apprehended confessed to have
carried out four successful kidnap operations since their lead was rescued from
the Owerri High Court. Some of the kidnap victims were purportedly murdered by
Read the full story below:
There are many versions to the tales surrounding the life
and time of Henry Chibueze, known in the underworld as Vampire, but all without
exception evokes dread, almost like a clip from a horror movie.
The incidents that marked his rise and fall in the crime
world clearly stood him out as very cunning and mortally vicious. Either as the
hunter or the hunted, Vampire was an extremely dangerous person to deal with.
Overtly elusive and wily, he had been on the ‘Most Wanted’
list of the Police and the Department of State Services (DSS) since 2013. While
the law enforcement agencies were then unable to score any hit on Vampire, they
were however able to establish a pattern associated with his operations which aided
the DSS in tracking him down and arresting him for the first time in 2015.
Before the arrest, Vampire was just a faceless terror and a
bad news in security circles. He had on many occasions beaten the security
dragnet of the DSS but this time he had his wings clipped for the first time,
or so we thought, by a detachment of combat-ready operatives of the DSS who had
trailed him to Disney Hotel, Owerri, Imo State, where his gang was about to
kidnap Election Petitions Tribunal Judges.
The kidnap operation was busted by the DSS but Vampire
escaped this time, with a bullet wound. Speaking to newsmen at the time in
2015, the then Imo State Director of the DSS, Francis Ejiofor, said that
Vampire was eventually arrested after an operation where his victim’s family
had to part with N15 million ransom. According to Ejiofor, “Mr. Henry Chibueze
known as Vampire, engages in kidnapping from Nigeria to Cotonou, Congo and
Ivory Coast.
He is a vicious kidnapper and he kills his victims at the
slightest suspicion that security operatives are on his trail. When we learnt
that he was in the state and had kidnapped a woman we waited until he had
collected the ransom and released the woman and we went after him.

“We traced him to Disney Hotel, Owerri, where he was
planning to kidnap the tribunal judges who were lodged there but our men
stormed the place and he escaped with gunshot wounds to the home of his native
doctor in Ohafia, Abia State, where he was eventually arrested in a pre-dawn
The name, ‘Vampire’ according to security sources invokes
fear in the hearts of families of victims who have heard gory tales of his
blood chilling operations and often part with huge sums of money without
informing security agents.
Not a few of his victims believe that the name ‘Vampire’
aptly depicted his huge appetite for bloodletting and violence.Giving dreadful
details of his criminal activities in his five years of operation while being
paraded, Vampire said that he had lost count of victims he had killed for
failure to pay up the ransom or for getting security agents involved.
He particularly recounted how he killed his girlfriend,
Sandra, who he said absconded with his N45 million. In his words:

“Yes I shot my girlfriend and everybody in their house
because she stole my N45 million which I 
kept in my house.

“I went to her family house in Lagos and when she saw me
coming, she ran into the house I went in and shot her and everybody in the
room. She died instantly but I don’t know how others died.

“I started kidnapping in the year 2000 and I joined the
business because my people did not train me.
The people that taught me the job have all been killed. I am
from a polygamous family in Nwangele Local Government Area of Imo State.”
Vampire, who said he lived in Abidjan “with my wife and daughter”,
admitted that his wife didn’t know he was a kidnapper.

“My wife still thinks I buy and sell fabrics from Ghana
which I was doing when I met her. Under the circumstance, I do not know if she
is aware that I have been arrested.”
Vampire was subsequently dumped at the Owerri Prisons from
2015 to 2017 while he was standing trial at the Owerri High Court.
However, on Friday, January 27, this year, Owerri, the state
capital, was hit by a massive shockwave which will linger for a long time in
the minds of security chiefs in the state, particularly the officials of the
Owerri prisons following the humiliation and embarrassment handed to them by
In a classical commando style, Vampire on the said day was
sprung out of the court premises in broad daylight by gunmen who took the
Owerri High Court premises by storm, without as much as a whimper from all the
security men and agencies represented at the court premises.
Vampire and about 80 other inmates had been brought to court
for the hearing of their cases, but apparently oblivious of the plot afoot, the
prison officials walked into a well laid ambush that triggered a massive
stampede on the High Court premises. At the end of which, Vampire and eight
other inmates escaped and returned to the list of criminals at large.
A few eyewitnesses to the incident that it was a
professionally executed breakout, “It appeared the gunmen were waiting for a
cue from Vampire and struck immediately they got it.

Vampire had alighted from the Black Maria and instead of moving,
he was deliberately playing heady with prison officials, refusing to move
towards the court house. And it seemed that was the signal and the gunmen
struck with massive firepower.”
The shooting on the court premises lasted for more than 10
minutes with Judges, lawyers, suspects, police orderlies and all other persons
within the court premises scampering for safety. When the dust settled, five
prison wardens were on the ground in the pool of their blood, scores of lawyers
sustained various degrees of injuries with the court premises littered with
wigs and gowns of fleeing lawyers.
Vampire and eight other suspects had vanished into thin air
leaving the confused crowd of security men grasping for straws. With what
transpired at the Owerri High Court, it is easy to concede that the planning of
the attack was quite deft; firepower was superior; while execution and escape
were carried out with professional precision.
Considering the circumstances of the escape, many residents
were of the view that the security agencies in the state might have taken too
many liber-ties with the kingpin to the point of approaching his detention with
a careless and worrisome lack of seriousness. It would also be recalled that
during a publicised interaction between Governor Rochas Okorocha, security
agents and 
Vampire in 2015 when he was arrested; in reply to a question from
Okorocha, the kingpin stressed that he did not want to be released and that it
would be a bad idea to set him free under any guise.
He said, “I have killed many people and I am still rearing
to go. My blood still dey hot.”
In view of the terrifying track record of this
crime lord and his unchallenged escape, many easily embraced the idea of a
conspiracy theory.
They could not fathom why a criminal with such frightening
track record should be conveyed to court with grossly inadequate security.
Lawyers in the main observed that the court in question is located within the
perimeter of the Imo Government House, next to the Deputy Governor’s Office,
and right behind the official quarters of the Commander, 34 Brigade, Obinze,
Owerri and the state commissioner of police.
Also disturbing was the complaint of a senior lawyer who
disclosed that he called the Police Control room when the court was under
attack but the officer who received the call boldly told the lawyer that they
did not know the location of the Owerri High Court.
Whereas the court is right behind the official residence of
the state commissioner of police. Beyond these, there are serious indications
that Vampire was living large in prison and was coordinating kidnap operations
from behind the bars.
The testimony of an official of the Owerri Prisons, Agim
Chukwuma, 28, who was arrested for working for Vampire from inside prison and
helping to organise series of kidnap operations from within the prison walls is
a clear affirmation that Vampire was enjoying benefits only kings enjoy in
detention. As such, his escape should have been expected.
Chukwuma was not arrested by the police; he was not arrested
by the Owerri Prisons authorities but was busted right in Owerri prisons by a
team from the Inspector General of Police (IGP’s) Intelligence Response Team
(IRT) alongside Joseph Chiaotu alias Ejima, Anozie Chinonso and Uzodimma
Even after Chukwuma was arrested and the racket revealed,
indications suggest that nothing substantial was done to really lock down
Vampire who, according to Chukwuma, was receiving his share of proceeds of
kidnap operations even while in prison.
Vampire did not just organise kidnap operations from prison;
he groomed and initiated young men into his nefarious trade.
If he could turn a prison official into a kidnap operator,
prison inmates would have been no match for his cunning and devious mind. His
escape as far as Imo residents were concerned was an inexcusable blunder on the
part of security agencies in the state; all of whom blamed on the Owerri prison
It was therefore the expectation of Imo people that
government should take decisive steps to speedily restore the confidence of the
residents of Owerri in the ability and capacity of government to protect them.
The state police command, having shown apparent deficiencies
in its capacity to neutralise the operations of high-prized criminals like
Vampire were shunted to the background by more efficient Special Forces from
the office of the Inspector General of Police who took over the responsibility
to track down the felon and his gang members.
A quiet but intensive manhunt ensued immediately the IGP’s
squad took over the operations and on Thursday, 2nd March, 2017, Vampire was
gunned down by the Inspector General of Police’s (IGP’s) Special Forces led by
the Intelligence Response Team after a gun duel in a forest in Omu Awa
community in Ikwerre council area of Rivers State.
The hoodlums who initially resisted and engaged the
operatives from the office of the IGP in a gun battle, were later gunned down
about 1:00 am on Thursday.
Five of his gang members – Obinna Elah, 26; Arinze Abecheta,
24; Chukwuebuka Ikeazota, 23; Samuel Ugochukwu, 24; and Clifford Aheana – were
arrested in the operation while a cache of arms and ammunition were recovered
from them.
This is also as impeccable Police sources narrated that
intelligence devices deployed during the operations revealed that Vampire had
resolved that someday he would be caught but assured his colleagues that it
would be at a huge cost to the society.
The vicious gunman had according to credible police sources
concluded plans to attack Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State and thereafter
attack strategic public places which included the 
Concorde Hotel Owerri. He had
boasted that he would execute his plans as soon as he returned from a strategic
trip to India. The killing of Vampire was not a tea party.
It was not without many troubles. It stretched the wits,
skills and courage of the special squad. According to one of the operatives of
the IGP’s squad who was narrating the rigours of nailing the kidnap kingpin to
his colleagues during the parade of the criminals, “Vampire is slippery and
devilish. You will never find him sleeping inside the house.
He would always sleep in open spaces outdoors and he will
spring awake and alert on the slightest noise, even a distant ringing of the
phone. He was always armed clutching an AK-47.
The squad had tracked him to Ehime Mbano, he swiftly moved
to Aba, we followed him to Aba but the environment was not too conducive as
there were children playing all over the neighbourhood. He didn’t immediately
see us but he sensed that he was in danger he escaped but his brother took
bullets in his arm.
We came with the best men for the job so we intensified our
search and tracked him to a forest in Omu Awa, Ikwerre LGA, laid our ambush but
he was at alert. He defiantly engaged our men in a gun battle where he was
gunned down.
That deflated his men some of who surrendered and were
arrested.” The Force Public Relations Officer CSP Jimoh Moshood who breezed
into Owerri immediately after the operation had nothing new to tell the
residents except for the ceremonial appearances and acknowledgement of cheers
following the successful operation in Rivers State.
In his days, Vampire established himself as a serial killer
who had confessed to the murder of over 200 persons in more than 300 successful
kidnap and armed robbery operations.
According to statement handed out by the state police

“The living members of the gang have made useful statements
to the police confessing and admitting to have carried out four successful
kidnap operations after the rescue of their gang leader from the Owerri High
Court premises on January 27, 2017.”
Some of the kidnap victims who were abducted within this
period also, were allegedly killed by Vampire.
Five AK 47 rifles, 300 rounds of AK 47 ammunition and charms
found on the body of the deceased gang leader were part of the items recovered
from the kidnap gang. Henry Chibueze, Vampire, 30, hailed from Agbaja in
Nwangele council area of Imo State. In the underworld, he wrote his name in
blood; he lived by the gun and died by the gun.
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