Nigerian Army arrest 6 soldiers allegedly involved in brutalization of an Ikorodu ladyNigerian Army has
detained 6 soldiers alleged to be responsible for the dehumanization of an
Ikorodu lady.

The Nigerian lady who was reported to have been brutalized
by soldiers on Sunday may soon get justice, as the Nigerian Army has stated in
a statement concerning the event, that investigation into the matter is
currently ongoing.

The military, through its Facebook page, also stated that six
soldiers have been apprehended in respects to the incident.
Read the statement below:


1. The attention of
Headquarters 81 Division Nigerian Army has been drawn to the social media and
Newspapers online reports on “Alleged brutalization of a female by soldiers”.
The incident occurred in Odoguyan, Ikorodu area of Lagos state involving soldiers
of 174 Battalion on Sunday 12 March 2017.

2. The alleged
incident is highly regrettable, even as the Division under the Nigerian Army
has zero tolerance for inhuman treatment. Discipline remains the bedrock of the
Nigerian Military Profession. It is quite disheartening when such incidences
occur even though isolated will not be treated with any laxity.

Consequently, a Board
of Inquiry has been constituted by the Commander 9 Brigade, Brigadier General
Elias Attu to investigate the circumstances that led to the incident, determine
the level of the soldiers involvement, submit its findings and recommend
appropriate disciplinary measures which will be communicated.

The female has been
taken to hospital where she is responding to treatment while 6 soldiers are
being detained in regards to the incident.

Gentlemen of the
press, may I thank you for your timely information in bringing such incidences
to fore. The Division remains committed to its tasks as part of the
constitutional mandate of the Nigerian Army. It continues to enjoin all to be
law abiding and count on their support and cooperation.

You are please
requested to disseminate the information to the general public.


Lieutenant Colonel”


  1. When I first noticed this article I thought the photos were showing a full covering tattoo on someone’s back. My stomach literally turned when the realization sunk in that they were massive subcutaneous hemorrhages! As a US Marine Corps veteran and retired major crimes detective I am appalled that one soldier could and would commit such atrocities against any citizen of the very county he swore an oath to defend.

    It is simply not the case here apparently. Not one, but SIX soldiers brutally and viciously attacked this woman?!? Even a civilian of an enemy nation does deserve such heinous mistreatment! I have no knowledge of the specific criminal justice system within the government of Nigeria. My knowledge of the country is limited to what can be found online, which quite frankly is not conducive to a positive opinion of the place. Their soldiers seem to lack any amount of self-discipline and regularly make news headlines for kidnappings, sexual assaults and murders of their own country’s populace. I sincerely hope that their government and judiciary is not as corrupted and easily bought as the media portrays it to be. If ever there was a case for the military to use it’s own system of uniformed military justice to prosecute the involved servicemen to ensure the most unforgiving and maximized punishment possible for them upon conviction this is it. In fact, the brutal nature of this crime and callous disregard for the value of human life are so extreme that, even though the victim is alive for the time being, I would be in favor of the application of capital punishment for every soldier convicted in this case.

    Which is yet one more reason for seeing the assailants tried under the Nigerian military’s uniform code of military justice.


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