Livestreamed VIDEO showing a woman fall to her death. Suicide or Murder case?
There has been a shocking video that is causing outrage
online, showing a woman falling off of a building in Saudi Arabia and nobody
can ascertain if it’s a suicide case or murder case.
The woman allegedly an African Migrant working as a maid.

The people who shared the video claimed it was suicide but
upon watching the video, she was seen screaming.
See below, the translation of what was saying in the video:

“The women hanging on
the window is a servant, and she is asking her employer which is from Arabian
gulf. The Ethiopian servant is begging her emplyer “catch me catch me.”
But the employer
laughs it off lik eit’s a joke She is heard saying,” what are you doing you are
crazy” with a laugh in her voice.”
Watch the Video below:


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