According to, there are some questions to be
answered by the presidency, if not for any motive, we should just know, since
we are the taxpayer. For example,

Who was with President Buhari during his 51
days in London?
How much were they paid?
What was the overall cost of Buhari’s
medical vacation?

Someone has helped us with question one, Ned Donovan, a
Twitter user and also reporter based in London, UK.
See what he wrote:

“The Nigerian President’s press office have replied to an email I sent.
There’s at least seven government staff with Buhari in London.”
Lists: Number of staff that left the country with the President to London and their positions TFB

Find the list below::
1. His Personal Secretary
2. Special Assistant
3. Personal Physician
4. One protocol official
5. Aide de Camp
6. Chief Security Officer

7. Security officers and Bodyguards


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