Benin preacher declares herself as God and Holy Spirit

Vicentia Tadagbe Tchranvoukinni

A 25-year old, female preacher, Vicentia Tadagbe Tchranvoukinni, in Benin Republic, West Africa, has announced that her mission on earth is to defeat the devil because she is God.

Vicentia claimed she came down from heaven with the divine mission of fighting devil and his cohorts in the world. She also said that she is Perfect and God’s Holy Spirit.

According to an official from ministry of health, on Tuesday, 5 people were reported to have suffocated to death in her church after ordering the followers to lock themselves inside rooms with its windows and doors closed while burning incense.

The sect which had thousands of followers is said to be called “Very Holy Church of Jesus Christ of Bename”. Followers were asked to spend Saturday in a sealed room praying for the holy spirit.

Vicentia Tadagbe Tchranvoukinni Tellforceblog
Vicentia Tadagbe Tchranvoukinni

According to AFP, the health official who prefer anonymity said, “These patients were all poisoned with carbon monoxide in the Porto Novo and Adjarra areas.”

“There are currently five deaths and nine people in intensive care.”

“The followers died “after inhaling the incense while they prayed.”

“Some may have fallen on the embers placed in the rooms where they locked themselves for the prayer.”

The church was founded by Vicentia Tadagbe Tchranvoukinni, in 2009. She’s often called ‘Perfect’ by her followers, says she is ‘God the Holy Spirit.’

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