Tellforceblog Apostle Suleman indirectly accuses the Politicians on Sex Scandal through twitterCould Apostle Johnson Sulemans sex scandal be a premeditated
plan by the government, according to him?
Could it be the Apostles way of life by seducing young
ladies with money and fame, according to Stephanie Otobos accusation of
promising her ?400,000 a night?
For me at this moment, the scale is a bit against the lady
with the weight of evidences provided. Such photos could easily be doctored,
verbal records could easily be denied.
Come to think of it, another serious question to ask oneself
is how was she able to get the Apostles pictures while on call? Hmm!
Now, Apostle Suleman is switching the case to politicians,
accusing them indirectly of using the girl.
This could be true from a particular angle, recalling his
case with DSS.

Well, the pages are still many. Lets keep following as the
scrolls keeps unfolding. 
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