Apostle Suleiman does not even know where I live, nothing like marriage introduction – Stephanie Otobo’s father

TellforceblogApostle Suleiman does not even know where I live, nothing like marriage introduction - Stephanie Otobo's father
The father of the Canadian singer, that is Stephanie Otobo’s father has came out to refute his daughter’s claim of getting pregnant for the founder of Omega Ministry, Apostle Johnson Suleman.

Contrary to claims by Stephanie Otobo that Apostle Joshua Suleiman went to inform Otobo’s family of his desire to marry their daughter and later went ahead with their marriage introduction at her family house, Rev. Benson Otobo who is Stephanie’s father, has rebuffed the claim, saying nothing like that ever happened.
Rev. Mr Otobo spoke with newsmen in Abuja, on Monday that Apostle Suleman has never been to his compound nor even have the knowledge of where he lives. He also said that Stephanie was not a decent girl he had ever wished, wondering why she was attempting to bring down the revered man of God.
When asked if Apostle Johnson Suleiman had ever been to his house for his daughter’s hand in marriage or marriage introduction.
Rev. Otobo responded by saying: “Not at all. Apostle Suleiman does not even know where I live.”

He, however, informed journalists that he has since called Apostle Suleiman to exonorate himself from his daughter’s actions.
Reverend Otobo, who revealed that he and his daughter are currently not in good term at for scolding her two months ago over her nude pictures he saw on her whatsapp platform, and that did not come as a surprise to him based on her recent behaviour, given that she grew up with her divorced mother in Sapele, Delta State.
He revealed that he had to put an end to his marriage to his Stephanie’s mother for about 30 years ago because of her unfaithfulness.
However, he said he was perplexed that his daughter could go all that far attempting to rubbish the reputation of the man of God, adding that he was shocked to hear all what his daughter talked about the Apostle.
“I was shocked to hear this thing just yesterday. I’m not part of it at all. Even that my daughter, as I speak, we are at loggerhead because two months ago, I saw her picture on the internet, through her whatsapp. I had a shout with her on the way she dressed and I saw her with tattoo and all that, I now advised her that ‘look, why are you dressing like this, you need to dress decently even on whatsapp, she flayed at me, giving me names, calling me names, telling me I’m not serving God and different kinds of things I cannot even reveal to you now.

”She insulted me and told me that from that day on, I was not her father any more and that I should just forget about her for life.

”If a daughter is telling her father that, I don’t know why I would be involved in anything that concerns her. I’m not aware of all these things that she’s talking about.Not at all.”

He admitted that Stephanie his daughter told him that she lives in Canada, but wonder who she must have been staying with.
“She told me she lives in Canada, I don’t know who she knew there.”

Abouts of her daughter’s mother whereabout,
Mr Otobo said: “Her mother is in Sapele. And it’s going to 30 years now that I divorced her mother, when these children were even small because of her unfaithfulness.

” So, I have divorced her for a very long time.”
“Stephenie is twenty something years.”

“She grew up with the mother, she was very small when I divorced her mother. What is happening now is like ‘ like mother like daughter.”

Below is the coversation between Rev. Otobo and journalists inform of question and answer:
Is Stephanie your daughter?
“Yes, she’s my daughter”

There’s this allegation through the letter by a Lagos lawyer, Festus Keyamo, that there was a relationship between your daughter and the man of God, that the man of God made proposal to marry your daughter. Did he approach you?
Not at all.
So there was nothing like introduction regarding marriage between Apostle Suleiman and your daughter in your house?
“Not at all. Apostle Suleiman does not even know where I live”
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