A lot of images of the just one unit have dominated the smartphone world yet all looks real, at the same time, they all look fake. There has been a lot of leaked images of the S8 littering the net but all we need most now is to wait for the real deal. But it appears that a leaked image which could be a glass screen protector for Galaxy S8 looks convincing.

However, gadgets enthusiast will never stop licking their lips for an undone soup because of its aroma. The recent leaked images for this samsung wonder are giving us a glimpse of what the front and rear of the device looks like.
But one thing we have never seen since the emergent of these  unending leaks is an undoctored image of a functioning Galaxy S8. May be, because of to the hype surrounding this device and public’s anticipation, the real leaks have become unreal because of so many fake leaks.
Below are some recent leaked images and a video clip of Galaxy S8: