Dubai is fast becoming pacesetter in terms of tourism.
Imagine boarding a taxi like a helicopter.
Dubai has announced that it commence transportation of
people from July this year by drone.
This statement was issued by the head of Dubai Roads and Transportation Agency,
Matter al-Tayer at the World Government Summit. According to the statement, its
going to be a regular operation not an exhibition show.

Al-Tayer alleged that the drones have been examined and
certified by Dubais civil aviation authority. 
Specification of the Craft:
The vehicle can transport one commuter
that weigh up to 100kg (220lbs).

The craft cannot be controlled inside like any other
vehicle, the passenger will have to select a destination on a touch screen. The
air taxi can travel up to 50 kilometers and has a top speed of 100 miles
(160km) per hour
. The craft, Ehang 184 was made in China.

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