Recall sometimes ago that some intending students claimed to have paid acceptance fee but were still not granted full admission into the University.

Sequel to the candidates’ wailing, Professor Abdulganiyu Ambali who is the current Vice Chancellor of University of Ilorin, on weekend, has explained the cause of rejection by the university.  About 711 candidates were refused to be admitted into the school even after paying for uploaded fake results, which the authorities later found out during screening.

Prof. Abdulganiyu Ambali
Prof. Abdulganiyu Ambali

It was reported that management of the university had offered admission to no fewer than 2,000 candidates and afterwards withdrew the admission from the candidates.

Speaking with journalists, Professor Ambali said: “The issue of people trying to say we collected their money and refused to offer them admission is uncalled for. They wasted our time. In any civilized society those people should be prosecuted. That is examinations malpractice. If those people are using fraudulent means to come in, you can imagine what they will do when they become our students fully. But we thought they were young people, we say they should learn by losing the opportunity. They can reapply. We thought they had to be taught a lesson and that was why we kept quiet. “

“They are just trying to portray the university negatively. You know the university has come a long way. For the last three years we have been the most patronized university with over 100,000 applicants wanting to come and join us,” He added.

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