Date or date palm is a sweet fruit and its also known as Phoenix dactylifera, is a flowering
plant species in the palm family, Arecaceae, which is being cultivated for a
reason of its edibility and sweetness. Its place of origin cannot be ascertain
but it was said to originate from Middle East because of their long cultivation
of the fruit.
Some benefits of date palm includes intestinal disorder, heart problem, sexual dysfunction, relief
from constipation, diarrhea, anemia, abdominal cancer, Dates also aids weight
gain, muscle development, recovery from injury or illness, very good in
regulating the digestive process, good for the eye

throughout human lifetime (prevention
of night blindness) and so many other benefits are attached to this very sweet

Dates are said to be rich in fibre, several vitamins and minerals
too. These sweet fruits contain calcium, iron, manganese, sulfur, potassium, copper,
phosphorous, magnesium and oil.

Health experts said, eating one daily is essential for a healthy
diet. Some cultural traditions and religions advised people that
wants to break their fast to eat dates because it in a way prevents overfeeding
after fast. The body absorbs high nutritional contents in date palm thereby
reducing that feeling of hunger due to its contents of potassium. This is
related to the reason why modern medicine supports the eating of dates for prevention
of abdominal cancer.
For people suffering from Intestinal Disorders, ates contains nicotine and is thought to be helpful
for curing different types of intestinal disorders.
For Constipation, it
is used to relief people suffering from constipation because of it categorization
as a laxative food. For effectiveness, Dates should be soaked in water
overnight and taken like syrup in the morning to get optimal results.
Dates are said to be Natural
Energy Booster
, because of their high natural sugars contents like fructose,
glucose and sucrose. Invariable means, they are wonderful snack for an instant need
of energy. Many people believes eating dates in the early afternoon prevents sluggishness
and feeling lethargic.

Sexual Weakness: According
to studies, soaking some dates in fresh goat’s milk overnight, grind them in
the same milk and mixing it with honey and cardamom powder will increase sexual
stamina. A delightful tonic to boost sexual endurance and reduction of sterility
caused by different sexual disorder. 


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