Skype to add new video call and IM features to its iOS and Android apps

Virtually all the messaging apps in this world are getting revamped
with new updates this year. Though, Microsoft has regularly been rolling out
updates to skype to ensure their messaging app is not left behind the rest of its
counterparts. The newest features are presently in beta. Some of these features
should make video calling and messaging more enjoyable for its users.

Firstly, from the video calling aspect, there is an integrated camera that allows you quickly swipe from
the side of the screen to capture an image, like snapping a selfie and add
emojis, stickers and annotations and share your moment while you are on video
call. There is also a slack-like messaging reactions that looks like that of
iMessager’s reaction(own by Apple) and this allows those in the chat to respond
to each text message with likes and reactions (just like those seen below a
Facebook post).
Finally, a new and better-quality “Find panel” has
been also included. This serves as a quick search hub for users to find and
share news, movies times, sports scores, links, gifs and other information needed
on the web, without exiting the app.

As earlier mentioned, these new features are currently being
tested and only available through Skype preview on iOS and Android. So, if you
are interested and want to check these new features before that arrival of the
main app, you can download the Skype Preview for Android on Google play while
for iOS, you have to apply as Skype Insider to get the beta app.
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