Sex below age 18 can lead to cervical cancer

According to the Plateau Commissioner of Health, Dr. Kunden
Deyin, research has shown that underage women who engage in active sex are more
susceptible to cervical cancer. He made these statements on Tuesday in Jos
while addressing the newsmen.
Deyin disclosed that such case could happen because the
Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) easily infects a young woman’s cervix due to
premature cells in the cervix.
He elucidated further by saying “HPV is an infection that can be sexually transmitted and some of the
viruses can cause cells in the cervix to mutate.

“Once mutation occurs,
the cell repairing mechanism either repairs the damage or kills the abnormal

“In rare cases, this
cell may proliferate and create more abnormal cells giving rise to cancer.

“This is because most
cases of cervical cancer are caused by certain strains of the HPV which spread
through sexual contact.”
 “Women, who have multiple sex partners, are at greater risk of
developing cancer of the cervix,’’ he said.
Dr. Deyin went further to say that routine pap testing is the
best way to detect unusual changes to the cervix before they developed into

He advised people to live a good noteworthy life and cease
from reckless life styles and activities that can expose them to various forms
of cancer. He also recommended the people to go on routine medical check-ups for
early detection and management of cancer.  
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