Samsung Galaxy S8 to be launched on April 21

Samsung Galaxy S8 will be officially announced almost a
month after that of LG G6 which is March 29. The announcement date for LG G6 is
February 26.
Galaxy S8 and LG G6

A Korean media said that the Galaxy S8 will be globally launched
on April 21, 2017.
Samsung Electronics originally planned to launch Galaxy S8 worldwide
on the 21st of April and in Korea, a week earlier. Its initial plan was to commence
pre-sales on the 6th of April and launch 
Galaxy S8 in South Korea on the 14th
of April. Samsung is yet to make decision on pre-sale date though the flagship
release date has already been fixed for April 21
However, due to the size of supplies and for stable supplies
to carriers, it decided to alter its plan by having Galaxy S8 launched internationally
and domestically on the same day.

“Release date of Galaxy S8 in South Korea has changed from the 14th of
April to the 21st of April due to reasons such as size of supplies and others.”

said a high-profile official for a carrier.
Three Korean network providers are said to have been in discussions
with Samsung regarding the 
pre-order date of the Galaxy S8, but Samsung is
alleged to be playing waiting games in order to monitor the feedback from LG G6
LG G6 will go official on February 26 but won’t be market
for buying until March 10. Nonetheless, customers will be allowed to pre-order
the LG flagship between March 2 and March 9.

Since LG G6 will go live almost a month before Galaxy S8, a rep
for a carrier was quoted saying, “dynamics
of markets will heighten due to competitions” between these two companies.

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