After so many sticksn flying here and there, the Lagos state
police command has finally approved 2baba’s planned protest scheduled for
Monday, February 6 hold.
The same Mr. Fatai Owoseni, the commissioner of the Lagos
state police who had earlier ban any anti-government protest in the state but
on Friday, February 3 has withdrew his statement.

The Police commissioner clarified that the police was worried
that the rally could be Hijacked by hoodlums and that staged a reason for the
Reports stated that Owoseni met with the 2baba camp where an
agreement was reached that instead of a rally, the protesters would meet at a
point and read out their demands.
He noted that: “We had
a meeting with the protesters and we explained to them why we advised against
the protest. A pro-government group wants to protest that same day and we don’t
want a situation where there would be friction.

“We also don’t want
hooligans to hijack the process and injure the protesters.

 “After explaining to them, they said they will
go back and discuss with others. They said if they decide to go ahead, they
won’t demonstrate but would assemble at a point and read their demands.

“That notwithstanding,
we have resolved to provide security for them. It is our responsibility and we
won’t shy away from it. We will ensure trouble makers do not hijack the

Recall that the federal government had also maintained that
its citizens have a right to association and would
not go against any protest.


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